A Prophetic Word from September 1997
We cannot forget our humble beginnings. The Lighthouse Outreach Center was birthed from a garage in Awanei, Waipahu. Rev. Joe Hunkin first message was a prophecy that greater things will happen in the ministry and you will see. Watch the clip and understand more of how the ministry started. Seeing is one thing but being present here right now is a different experience you have to come and feel for yourself. Every word spoken from the Lord through Pastor Joe has come to pass.

About Us

In September of 1996, Lighthouse Outreach Center began in a small garage with a large amount of passion. With only four families including Reverend Joe Hunkin, his wife, and two children, we set out to worship the Lord and to see how He could use our humble beginnings.

A little over a year later, in October of 1997, we moved our church service to a barrack-like building that was controlled by the U.S. Coast Guard. Having grown to more than twenty families, our faith was being activated to see how else God could expand our influence within our community. Shortly after that, in June of 1998, we moved to our current location in the Honolulu, HI area.

Our membership increased to 60 families, and on Sundays, 500-800 people attended our church services. Our worship team completed their first worship CD, and our Bless a Block ministry was born. People from all backgrounds and walks of life accepted Christ, and they continue to accept Christ at Lighthouse Outreach Center.

As rent continued to increase beyond our means, God provided. In June of 2004, Lighthouse Outreach Center was able to purchase the 1.2 acre land our facilities sit on for $1.7 million dollars.

At Lighthouse Outreach Center, we believe everything is possible and is “All for the Lord.” Come to one of our Sunday church services to see why our congregation continues to grow.